My Top Used Apps

The apps I use the most.

  • Wunderlist - Manage my to-dos.
  • Wunderground - Weather app.
  • Calendar - Manage my days, appointments and birthdays.
  • NewsBlur - How I get most of my news, through RSS feeds.
  • YouTube - For learning and entertainment.
  • Flickr - Mange my photo library
  • Podcasts - Native Podcast app on iOS.
  • onTime - Check out my train schedule.

Video Entertainment

How I keep myself entertained on the train. :)

  • NPlayer - Play videos uploaded locally to the iPhone/iPad, or across a network. Can stream to Chromecast or Apple TV.
  • Netflix - Watch movies.
  • VRV - Watch Anime.
  • YouTube - For anything, really.
  • SNL - When I need to LOL.
  • Amazon Prime Video - Watch movies not found on Netflix.
  • Plex - Watch movies I host on one of my home servers.
  • Hoopla - Watch movies owned by my local library.

Social Networks

Gotta stay social, my friends.

  • LinkedIn - Manage my professional network.
  • Pinterest - Where I’m feeling artistic, I browser through tons of pinned stuff, like photography and mechanical keyboards.
  • Twitter - One of my sources of news.
  • Facebook - Keep up with my friends.
  • Etsy - When I need to buy something homemade or want ideas for crafts.
  • Instagram - When I need to share photos.
  • Imgur - Catch-up on my memes part 1.
  • Reddit - Catch-up on my memes part 2.
  • Glassdoor - I use this for job hunting.


What I use to communicate people directly.

  • iMessage - My main method of communicating with family and friends.
  • Facebook Messenger - Don’t use this as often, but I’m sometimes sought out this way.
  • Outlook - What I use for work email.
  • Mail App - What I use for personal email.
  • Slack - What I use for communicating with coworkers.


How I organize papers and fax them.

  • JotNotPro - For scanning paper into PDFs, and then Email or Fax them.
  • JotNotFax - Can fax any PDF from other apps.

Backup and File Hosting

Different, redundant ways I backup and host files I'll need on the road.

  • Box - Used for hosting non-secure files.
  • Amazon Drive - Used for hosting images.
  • SpiderOak One - Used for backing up files that I need on-the-go.
  • Google Drive - Used for hosting files I need on-the-go.


How I consume books.

  • Goodreads - Managing books I’ve read and I want to read.
  • GoodReader - How I read eBooks in PDF format.
  • O’Reilly Queue - My main source of technology books.
  • Audible - I use this when I want to listen to fiction books.
  • SitePoint Books - Published SitePoint books. Lots of good stuff here too.

Cameras for Photography and Videography

Apps I use to take photos and capture video.

  • FiLMiC Pro - When I want more customized settings for recording video.
  • Pro HDR X - Taking HDR photos.
  • Hydra - Taking HDR photos and doing long exposure photography.
  • VHS Cam - Record video with that 90’s VHS look.
  • ProCam - A better camera app than stock iOS.
  • Slow Shutter - Used for long exposure photography and easy way to make light trails.
  • Lightroom CC - When I want to shoot a RAW photo.
  • ProCamera - Similar to ProCam; has many advanced camera settings not in the stock iOS camera app.

Photo and Video Editing

Apps I use to edit photos and videos.

  • Snapseed - My go-to app for editing photos. Can even open RAW photos.
  • GIF Viewer - For viewing Animated GIFs.
  • Shrinker - Can be used for compressing video shot on with the iPhone.
  • MyGearVault - Used to manage all my camera equipment.
  • SKRWT - Used to make photos look more rectilinear, so not so eye-fishy.
  • Photo Transfer App - Fast way to transfer photos/videos from iPhone to PC.
  • TPE - The Photographer’s Ephemeris
  • Noiseware - Reduce noise in photos, especially from low-light.
  • iResize - Resize photos.
  • Exif Photos - View and remove EXIF information from photos.
  • Meme Generator - Meme generator. Hey, I love memes. 
  • HyperDroste - Make an animated gif that’s an infinitely zooming into a photograph. More info here:

Music and Audio Listening

How I listen to sounds and music.

  • Shazam - When I want to know what song I’m hearing on the radio, bar, or elsewhere.
  • Amazon Music - One of my sources of music.
  • Rain Rain - Play nature sounds when I need to relax.
  • Noizio - Plays nature sounds when I need to relax. I love this app because you can mix different sounds, change the volume for reach, and make your own mix.
  • YT Music - YouTube music.
  • iTunes Apple Music - My main source of music.

Buy and Sell

  • Amazon - Where I buy everything except food and clothes.
  • eBay - Where I get my photography equipment. Also, where I sell back.
  • Yelp - Where do I want to eat?

Camera Control

Apps I use to control my cameras remotely.

  • Canon Camera Connect - I use this to control my Canon 70D.
  • GoPro App - To control my GoPro.
  • Panasonic Image App - To control my G85.
  • Sony PlayMemories - To control my RX100 II.
  • HTC Re - To control my HTC Re.
  • YI Dashcam - To control my Dashcam.

Network Tools

What I use to troubleshoot a network.

  • Net Analyzer - When I want a quick rundown of my local network.
  • Speedtest - Test the speed of my internet connection.

Security and Privacy

Tools I use to keep safe on the webs.

  • Ghostery - A browser that controls what ads to load.
  • Firefox Focus - Keeps you anonymously browsing. Doesn’t cache history.
  • LastPass - Manage passwords.
  • LastPass Authenticator - Use this for Two-Factor authenticate LastPass.
  • Google - Use this for Two-Factor authenticate Google apps.
  • Microsoft Authenticator - Use this for Two-Factor authenticate Microsoft services.
  • Private Internet Access - When I need to VPN when I’m on an unsecure network.
  • 1Blocker - Ad blocker #1 I use.
  • Crystal - Ad blocker #2 I use.
  • View Source - An app that you can use to view the source of web pages.


What I use to make music and record sound.

  • Motiv Audio - Recording App I use for the MV-88 Lightning microphone.
  • GarageBand - For making music. I love the instruments it provides. I can also hook up my MIDI devices to it.
  • Loopy HD - Record multiple trucks through the microphone and play them in real-time.
  • Notion - Can write sheet music and open MIDI files.
  • ReBirth - Program I used in the 90’s for making techno music.
  • RODE Rec LE - Alternate app I use for sound recording.


When I need to look up stuff, especially offline (Wikipanion, unfortunately, is not offline).

  • Wikipanion - Wikipedia iPhone app.
  • Spanish Dictionary - Offline Spanish dictionary.
  • Dictionary - Offline English dictionary.
  • Google Translate - Can translate among various languages.


How I learn most about technology nowadays. Also hobbies and life. :)

  • - I use this for photography and programming tutorials.
  • Pluralsight - I use this for programming and security tutorials.
  • Khan Academy - When I want to learn about history.
  • iTunes U - When I want to learn about history.
  • TED - Inspirational talks.
  • Solar Walk - Awesome app where you can navigate the solar system.