My Art

A jaguar I made with oil pastels for an art class. My theme was "Cats in the Wild." Estimated Time Spent: Less than 3 hours
Here's my second attempt at a Lady and the Tramp picture. I've always been a big fan of pencils! This I did in color pencils, by the way. =) The blue background was done in photoshop.
Yeah, I love Spawn. Here's another one I drew at work. I think I spilled Iced Tea on it. I remember I was eating Chinese food while drawing it. The great thing about my drawings, well to me anyways, is the memory behind them. I remember where I was and what else I was doing when I drew them.
This is my first Spawn color.
Spawn_Is_The_Man This was the first picture I drew of Spawn in pencil.
This drawing of Spawn was a pain in the neck. I sat through 9 hours straight trying to finish this monster. It was worth it... I got a good sense of accomplishment when I finished it though.
This is the outline for the "Spawn Medieval."
Drawing of the Lizard, from Spider-Man. Estimated Time Spent: 30 minutes
I like this tiger's stare. Kinda says "You think you're better than me? Bring it on." This was one of the first drawings where I started using a tortillon (paper stump) for shading and blending.

If you want to see more of my artwork, please check out my DeviantArt profile.