Converting M4P to MP3

The M4P format is proprietary to iPhones/iPods. I needed to modify some songs that I got from the iTunes store. First I used Sharepod to remove the M4P files from my iPhone. Then I used SoundForge to record the song from Winamp playback. Winamp does not play M4P files natively, so you’ll have to install the M4P plugin. Also, you may have to run the Windows Master Volume tool to properly unmute the audio source.

If you want to burn M4P files from iTunes, create a local playlist, and drag-and-drop the M4P files you got from Sharepod into the local iTunes playlist.

Sharepod Manages iPhone/iPod Songs

Just tried out Sharepod. It’s a great free program to extract songs from your device. No installation needed, since it’s a standalone executable. No ads or sign-ups. I did come across some quirks though.

I was able to:

  • Delete MP3s from my iPhone
  • Copy MP3s from my computer onto my iPhone
  • Copy MP3s from my iPhone onto my computer

I was not able to:

  • Update a playlist when I copied an MP3 from my computer to the iPhone – still need iTunes
  • Do anything with the Photos options on Sharepod – when I click on  “Photos” the application locks up.

Free Songs

So Grooveshark has been around for some time now. You can search for practically any song and you play it full. I wonder how long it’s going to last. Then again JustHearIt is still going strong for some time as well, and it’s still up. Grooveshark has a larger library it seems though. On a different note, they’re both great Flash apps.