About Me

Hey there. I’m Dan Romero, a software engineer always wanting to learn new things. I started my tech career back in the mid-90’s as a Pascal programmer and doing tech support. I then moved to web design and development in ASP, PHP, and ColdFusion with MySQL and SQL Server. My last job was software engineering at Pro Bono Net, developing in ColdFusion, JavaScript, and SQL Server. Before that, I was a software project manager at artnet.

artnet is a great place to work at (learned tons there), but I came to the realization there that I really just have a passion for development, whether it’s on the front-end (JavaScript, CSS) or back-end (C#, ColdFusion, Python, Databases, etc.). So I switched from software project management to development.

I’m working currently at Millennium Communications as a Sr. software engineer. I have the opportunity to use some great technologies: ASP.NET MVC, ColdFusion, jQuery, SQL Server, MongoDB, and other neat collaboration tools. Millennium Communications has some amazing people, and I learn something new every day.

Besides development, I’m also interested in web design, usability, and information architecture. You can view my LinkedIn profile for more career information and my online resume as well. I have an Advanced ColdFusion Certification, i-Net+ certification, and I graduated from Hofstra University with a Bachelors in Computer Science, minor in Information Systems, and minor in Psychology.

I also have a passion for drawing, enjoy playing the piano, and love watching Anime (I own narutorp.net, an Anime forum) and playing video games.

My Gadgets

Here are all the portable gadgets that I own. I often carry them when I travel in my bag. Not included here are my iPhone and USB flash drive attached to my keychain.

Click to enlarge

Also, I have the iPad and the iPhone:

Workstations (2006-Now)

Here are several workstations I’ve gone through from job to job. Since I’ve just decided now to show my old rigs, I can only go as far back as 2006.

Home Office (Now)

This my set up now in my home office. I’ve upgraded to two monitors. Was reading Code Complete as well.

Millennium Communications (2010)

This is what I use now where I work. I have Mazinger Z standing in front of me (a Mecha Anime from my childhood in Peru), while Ingram 2 stands wedged between my monitors.

Pro Bono Net (2008)

Home Office (2007)

This was my setup in my home office while I was working at artnet.

That trash bag needs to be replaced.

artnet (2006)

Unfortunately, this was not my first computer at artnet. I started at artnet in 2004 as a site production engineer, focusing on UI engineering. I used a Mac and a PC with 512 MB of RAM. Unfortunately, I don’t have a picture of that.

This was probably the fanciest work rig I ever had. I used to work late often, so I had 5 speaker + subwoofer setup, a GameCube (4 controllers), and several console emulators. Oh yeah, I also had a Strobe Light. =)

Entertainment Center

I also want to keep track of how my entertainment center evolves over time.


I’m not a home theater freak nor am I an audiophile. As a matter of fact, most of the equipment here was pretty cheap; I use a Vizio TV and 2nd-class receiver. All the video game console were given to me a gift, and the speakers I got on sale for $50. All put together, it doesn’t look bad, I think.

The lights fade from color to color. Got them at Ikea for about $20 I think.

The piano you see in the background in an electric upright I purchased from Sam Ash. Wonderful sound. I use a wireless keyboard + mouse to connect to the laptop to play DivX videos.