Linked Server via MS Jet 4.0 Provider

Here’s another way to created a linked server using another provider, Microsoft Jet 4.0 OLE DB Provider. This is for SQL Server 2008. Check out my previous Linked Server tutorial if needed for SQL Server 2005.

For this setup, let’s use the login’s current security context. Make sure that you whatever SSMS you use to connect to the server uses the same user credentials as user that created the linked server.

So if I create that on a server, then I’ll have query it using the same credentials just used. If you want to know how to query it, check out my Previous Tutorial.

Important Phone Features

My AT&T contract expires in August and am considering what phone I should get. The progress of the iPhone is practically stagnating compared to how much Android is making progress. Not to mention the incredibly sucky service AT&T provides and how much cash you have to shell out for it. So I’m considering getting away from the iPhone. Anyways, for my next phone, I’m looking for:

  • Good reception
  • 4G
  • Act as a hotspot
  • Android or iPhone OS
  • The phone must have headphones that function as a remote to control songs (pause/play)
  • Physical Keyboard

That’s really it. Also, I’m looking for a platform that provides the following apps:

  • PDF reader
  • Chm reader
  • Weather
  • Google maps
  • Lirr schedule + map
  • Subway map
  • Rss reader
  • Twitter app
  • Fandango
  • Chat
  • YouTube
  • Radio podcasts
  • Wikipedia
  • Yelp
  • Imdb
  • Taxi
  • Soundhound
  • Facebook
  • Linkedin
  • Amazon

Which both the Android and iPhone OS provide. I would’ve gotten the EVO 4G except it didn’t have a physical keyboard. We’ll see what comes out this year.