Awesome Phone: Motorola Q

I’m talking about my Motorola Q. I got this three months ago and been using it non-stop. I encourage everyone to get the EVDO unlimited internet plan. Here’s a screenshot:

Here’s a list of what I do with this SmartPhone:

Make calls… duh?
Browse internet
Check Email
Sync with computer
Sync with Exchange (Calendar, Contacts, Email)
Listen to online Radio FM/XM (via Speakers or Headphones)
Watch full movies (AVI, DIVX, MPEG, WMV)
Play games/emulators (NES, Genesis)
Write text documents
View Word, Excel, and PDF files
Personal Organizer
View pictures and animated GIF
Use the phone as broadband modem
Navigator via Google maps
Check news
Event finder
Record video clips
Portable drive
MP3 player
Chat AIM/Yahoo/MSN

Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T5

Just got the “Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T5.” Purchased it from my bro and pretty pleased with the purchase. What’s great about this camera is its obvious size – so friggin’ small. Quality is excellent as well… at least during the day. Very easy to use and battery is very durable (at least it lasts more than my other two cameras). The two things I’m not a fan of are the weak Flash in dark places, but that goes pretty much for very small camera like this. (I use my Olympus C-5050 for night time pictures and more professional captures.) The other issue with this is its sensitivity when taking a picture. Because there’s no image stabilizer, you have to hold it very steady – again, typical of most digital cameras out there of this size, but would’ve been nice. Overall though, I’ve learned to use it and I love it.

Here’s a pictures of the Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T5.

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This was my Minolta DiMAGE Xt that I gave away. The Sony Cybershot is replacing this one.

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This is my Olympus C-5050 I use for better quality pics. Good Flash for dark areas.

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